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           安陽市保瑞炭黑有限公司是一家專業從事碳黑,色素炭黑,水溶性炭黑.導電炭黑的企業 。公司BRH系列色素炭黑具有高黑度,高著色,高光澤,良好的色相和良好的分散性,流動性等特點,產品質量、純度等各項指標均處于國內先進地位,產品質量.穩定性等同哥倫比亞,卡博特、三菱,德固賽同類產品指標,目前公司爐法色素炭黑主要用于塑膠色母、色漿、造紙中,其中開發的用于水溶性炭黑.導電炭黑.密封膠和防水材料.的品種特別深受國內外客戶的好評。有專門用于油墨涂料和皮革等產品的槽法炭黑,其中開發的低結構高流動性的色素炭黑很受油墨行業歡迎。


                產品質量完全 符合GB3778-2003和美國ASTM標準.并通過ISO9002國際質量體系認證達到歐盟環保指令。技術部云集一批炭黑專業技術人員,為公司可持續發展奠定了堅實的技術力量。經客戶長期使用認可,性價比信息反饋良好,本公司化驗設備齊全、產品實用性能優、質量穩定、供貨及時,是下游廠家可靠的供應廠商,是經銷商可信賴的合作伙伴。熱忱歡迎國內外客商來電來函參觀洽談。





             Anyang City, Bao Rui Ltd. is a professional carbon black , carbon black, carbon black pigment , water-soluble carbon black. Conductive carbon black business. Company BRH series of carbon black pigment with high blackness , high-colored , high gloss , excellent hue and good dispersion , mobility and other characteristics , product quality, purity and other indicators are in a leading position , product quality stable sexual equivalent Colombia, Cabot , Mitsubishi, Degussa indicators of similar products , the company furnace carbon black pigment mainly used for plastic masterbatch , paste , paper , where developed for water-soluble carbon black. conductive carbon black sealants and waterproofing materials . varieties especially domestic and foreign customers praise. Have a special coating for ink and leather products such as channel black , including the development of high fluidity low structure carbon black pigment ink industry popular welcome .

               Product quality and fullyComply with GB3778-2003 and American ASTM standards and passed ISO9002 international quality system certification to meet EU environmental directives . Black studded group of professional technical department senior technical staff for the company 's sustainable development laid a solid technical strength . Approved by the customer long-term use , cost-effective good feedback , our testing equipment, product utility , excellent performance, stable quality , timely delivery, is a reliable supplier downstream manufacturers , is a trusted partner dealers . We warmly welcome customers to contact us visit and negotiate.

        Corporate philosophy ; cast sincere brand. De Paul Society.

        Corporate culture ; integrity , innovation, harmony and win-win .

        Entrepreneurship ; credibility of the first Quality first. Mutual benefit .

        Service philosophy ; strict credit management. Exchange for customer satisfaction . With excellent quality excellent service. Won customer recognition. 


        地址:河南湯陰光明路電業小區5號樓3單元601室  咨詢熱線:18567405058    固話:0372-6255959

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